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BRUNA REPETTO METHOD – C.B.F: Connection, Body and Feeling
The method I create is divided into 3 Pillars:
1.Connection (breathe, listen) I will introduce the diaphragm breathing, and we will see the importance of listening to sounds and songs to be able to reproduce safely and in tune
2. Body (relax, let go, move = relaxation routine, warm-ups and resonators) we want to emit the voice without forcing it into higher registers
3. Feeling (What do I want to say/sing? For whom? What emotion and intention do I have?) the importance of the lyrics and message of a song

“The classrooms with Bruna are a lot of fun. She is very kind, she helps me to be comfortable and encourages me to release a little more! She has an excellent ear, and she is very attentive to everything! The body posture, how the notes are resonating… and she always has a tip for everything! Highly recommend! Mainly for the pretty person she is!”


“I recently started my clases and I am still fascinated from the first day I went. Bruna is a beautiful person, she transmits peace and I feel music inside my little heart. It is an inexplicable feeling that I am living and I am truly happy and content to have started and specially with her, so energetic and passionate. I admire you Bruna.


“The singing classes with Bruna teach you to breathe, to sing calmly and comfortably. The best are the examples that she gives you so that you understand where and how to place your voice without being crushed. She is very clear in transmitting her knowledge in a very visual and organized way. I adore my singing classes with Bruna! I enjoy and I learn a lot.”

Magui Suárez Aranda

“The workshop with Bruna was as a special and beautiful experience. A mix of exploration, discovery and learning where, beyond vocal quality, everything -social and personal- is rescued by relating the body to music. I think it’s an experience that anyone can not live without. To be a professional singer requires a lot of will and patience, but thanks to Bruna, all of this becomes more light and fun. We don’t stop learning and enjoying.”

Felicitas Piñero

“The online classes are entertaining and taught with a lot of professionalism, little by little I am discovering how the whole body has a very important role in each performance. I am happy”.

Ulises Gimenez

“Excellent Workshop, more than a singing course… I signed up to learn vocal techniques and found multiple lessons. Through the course and Together with Bruna, I sang with a guided practice and personalized accompaniment at all time. The classes turned out to be an experience of self-discovery and the opportunity to display new forms of expression from a group device that enhanced achievements. Thank you so much”.

Maria Victoria Baldo Frías