About me

I am a singer, songwriter and vocal coach, with over 20 years of career. I am Brazilian, I was born in Porto Alegre and I currently live in Buenos Aires, Argentina, since 2014.

I started my career in lyrical singing, but I specialized in popular singing, mainly in jazz and Brazilian music. I studied singing and vocal improvisation at Berklee College of Music (Boston – USA), one of the most recognized music universities in the world. I concluded my musical studies at Faculdade Souza Lima (São Paulo – Brazil), where I was invited to give singing lessons. As a singing teacher and vocal coach with more than 15 years of experience, I have taught in important schools in Brazil and Argentina. I created my C.C.S. (Connection – Body – Feeling) singing method that I apply in my courses, workshops and classes. More than 2,000 students have gone through my method in recent years. On my YouTube channel and on social networks I post free material so that everyone can have access to vocal techniques.

Parallel to my musical training, I developed my professional career as a singer and composer. I worked as an interpreter in important concert halls, theaters and at the Brazilian Embassy in Buenos Aires. I recorded my first authorial EP called Em Movimiento (Tratore, São Paulo, 2010), which oscillates between jazz influences and Brazilian rhythms. In 2010 and 2011 I recorded with renowned Brazilian composer of Bossa Nova Roberto Menescal. In 2012 I published my book about music in cinema, entitled “When music enters the scene”, by Edipcrs.

In December 2020 I released new compositions, Azul and Ao Dormir, in single format. I gathered ideas that I wrote when I lived in Brazil, shared with local producers and musicians and discovered a new sound. It was time to release these songs to the world.

You can follow my official Instagram account @Bruna_vocalcoach and subscribe to my YouTube channel for singing tips and lessons. You can also listen to my songs on Spotify