When music enters
the scene (e-book)

Language: Portuguese l Edipucrs, 2011

When we watch a movie, music is almost always present in different forms and with innumerable functions. The spectator then surrenders to the power of persuasion, capable of provoking unconscious reactions and sensations. Therefore, it ceases to be a simple element to become part of the articulating structure of the plot. Over the years, its role has been valued and socioeconomic changes have occurred. Despite the fact that its use is not unanimous among film directors, viewers appreciate the presence of the musical score, recognizing its emotional richness.


When Music Enters the Scene presents a study on the history of film music and the role of the soundtrack in this narrative, as well as analyzing themes from great film classics.

“From scholar to punk-rock. From the most traditional incidental music to the creative use of popular songs, Kubrick knew how to use the maximum power of music to bring emotion, irony, perplexity or information to his works. (…)
If Kubrick were alive, he would certainly approve Bruna’s work. Since he is not, it remains for his fans to hum the themes of his films, read this book and reflect on the immortality of the great artists of music and cinema.

Carlos Gerbase
Filmmaker and teacher

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