Beginners Course
(Online Group)

6 online live classes
9 articles + resources
course certification

Do you want to start singing classes, but you don’t dare do it alone? Do you want to meet other people who share the same dream of singing? Then, this GROUP singing course is for you. The workshop is very dynamic, for those who want to start now and do not have much time.

Duration: 6 live Zoom meetings of 1 hour each
Level: Beginners

Module I
– Posture and Relaxation
– Vocal Apparatus
– Diaphragm Breathing
Module II
– Vocal Classification
– Vocalization (Warm-ups)
– Tuning
– Practical exercises
Module III
– Vocal Registers
– Chest Voice
– Mixed Voice
– Head Voice/Falsetto
– Whistle Voice
– Final Task

Modality: Online, (Zoom live)

$ 24.00