Connect with your voice, Connect with your being (Workshop)

Experiential and practical workshop to put the power of your voice into action


  • Recognize your own voice as a true tool of connection with your being
  • Introduction to the C.B.F singing Method. = Connection, Body, Feeling
  • Unlock your voice, listening and perceiving where the obstacles are
  • Learn techniques for the correct use of your voice, seeking body and emotional coherence
  • Overcome obstacles, resistance and unconscious programs that prevent you from connecting with your being and thus making the most of the power of your voice.

For whom is this Workshop for?
For all those people who want to use their voice as a tool to align with their being and fulfill their personal mission.
For singers, presenters, teachers and other professionals who use their voice as their main work tool.
For those who feel the need to work on blockages and unconscious programming that do not allow them to materialize and show their great potential, by not using their voice, in communication and in the expression of their being.

Content and Methodology:

It’s a space of connection with yourself using the power of voice. This workshop allows you to create this connection through 2 approaches:

    • Understand how your voice contributed to your own life mission
    • Knowledge and execution of practical and dynamic tools that will allow you to explore the full potential of your voice

The workshop is a practical and creative workspace where each participant can connect with their true essence by exploring the potential of their voice.

1. Guided meditation (listening)
2. Relaxation exercises (routine)
3. Breathing exercises
4. Introduction to vocal technique: vocalization and use of resonators
5. Sing mantras and a song

BRUNA REPETTO Singing Method – C.B.F: Connection, Body and Feeling

Modalities: Face-to-face or Online (live) 3 hours workshop

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$ 15.00